BOOM! has announced it’s signing schedule and panel schedule for New York Comic Con 2018, which is almost upon us.  Adjust your plans accordingly.

Official PR follows:

BOOM! Studios announced today the company’s star-studded signing and appearance schedule for New York Comic Con 2018 to be held at the Javits Center from October 4-7.

These exclusive opportunities for fans to meet their favorite talent will occur at its booth (#1828), near the front of the convention floor ,with special guests including WWE Superstar Sami Zayn; Goosebumps creator R.L Stine; The Magicians creator Lev Grossman; former Power Rangers actor Steve Cardenas (“Rocky DeSantos”); and a diverse lineup of talent from BOOM! Studios award-winning graphic fiction lineup.

The BOOM! Studios signing and appearances schedule is below:

Thursday, October 4th
11:00-11:50 AM     Mighty Morphin Power Rangers signing with actor Steve Cardenas
12:00-12:50 PM    Claudio Sanchez (Amory Wars)
1:00-1:50 PM        Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book signing with Kyle Higgins
and Daniel Di Nicuolo
2:00-2:50 PM        Gustavo Borges (Petals)

Friday, October 5th
11:00-11:50 AM     Gustavo Borges (Petals)
12:00-12:50 PM    The Magicians signing with Lev Grossman and Lilah Sturges
1:00-1:50 PM        Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book signing with Kyle Higgins,
Daniel Di Nicuolo and Jonas Scharf
2:00-2:50 PM        Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book signing with Marguerite
Bennett and Simone Di Meo
3:00-3:50 PM        Just Beyond signing with R.L. Stine (including free limited edition
poster, while supplies last)
4:00-4:50 PM        Sean Rubin (Bolivar)
5:00-5:50 PM        Cory Godbey (Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Tales, Jim Henson’s
                              Labyrinth Tales)
6:00-6:50 PM        Delilah Dawson (Sparrowhawk, Ladycastle)

Saturday, October 6th
12:00-12:50 PM    WWE Superstar Sami Zayn (this event requires the purchase of a
limited edition poster and the line will be capped)
1:00-1:50 PM        Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book signing with Marguerite
Bennett and Simone Di Meo
2:00-2:50 PM        Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book signing with Kyle Higgins,
Daniel Di Nicuolo and Jonas Scharf
3:00-3:50 PM       Gustavo Borges (Petals)
4:00-4:50 PM       Sean Rubin (Bolivar)
6:00-6:50 PM       James Tynion IV (The Backstagers, The Woods, Eugenic), Eryk
Donovan (Eugenic) and Michael Dialynas (The Woods)

Sunday, October 7th
12:00-12:50 PM    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers signing with actor Steve Cardenas
1:00-1:50 PM        Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book signing with Simone
Di Meo
2:00-2:50 PM        Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book signing with Kyle Higgins,
Daniel Di Nicuolo and Jonas Scharf

All Day Signings
Giulio Macaione (Alice: From Dream to Dream) [THU – SUN]
Goñi Montes (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) [THU – SUN]
Jackie Ball (Goldie Vance) [FRI – SAT]
Kostas Zachopoulos (Run Wild, The Cloud) [THU – SUN]
Michael Dialynas (The Woods) [THU]
Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Low Road West) [FRI – SUN]
Steve Cardenas (Rocky on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) [FRI – SAT]
Vincenzo Balzano (Run Wild, The Cloud) [THU – SUN]

And the publisher will also bring four star-studded panels to the show, including:

Thursday, October 4th
(12:30-1:30 PM, Room 1A21)
BOOM! Studios and GLAAD present an in-depth roundtable discussion about LGBTQ representation in pop culture and the path forward to a brighter, more inclusive future, with special guests from all corners of the entertainment world including Marguerite Bennett(Writer, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Phil Jimenez (Artist, Wonder Woman), Andy Mientus (CW’s The FlashThe Backstagers and The Ghost Light), Lilah Sturges (Writer,Lumberjanes: The Infernal Compass), Vita Ayala (Marvel Knights) and Megan Townsend(Director of Entertainment Research & Analysis, GLAAD). Moderated by Steve Foxe(Paste Magazine).

Friday, October 5th
(1:30-2:30 PM, Room 1A24)
Discover your new comic book obsession at Comic-Con – and we guarantee you’re going to find it at this panel! Join visionary author R.L. Stine (Just Beyond), Lilah Sturges(Lumberjanes: The Infernal Compass), Greg Pak (Firefly), Delilah S. Dawson(Sparrowhawk), Claudio Sanchez (Amory Wars), Lev Grossman (The Magicians: Alice’s Story) and Matt Gagnon (Editor in Chief, BOOM! Studios) for a jam-packed, interactive panel featuring the most acclaimed creators in comics as they discuss the diverse imprints of BOOM! Studios, Archaia, BOOM! Box and KaBOOM! with surprises for everyone in the audience. Moderated by Filip Sablik (President, Publishing & Marketing, BOOM! Studios).

Saturday, October 6th
(5:15-6:15 PM, Room 1A02)
There’s only one place to discover your favorite comics like LumberjanesGiant Days, Fence, The Backstagers, and more – it’s the BOOM! Box imprint of BOOM! Studios. JoinLilah Sturges (Lumberjanes: The Infernal Compass), James Tynion IV (The Backstagers), Andy Mientus (CW’s The FlashThe Backstagers and The Ghost Light),Jackie Ball (Welcome to Wanderland, Goldie Vance), Christine Larsen (By Night) and more of the exciting creators that bring you the most acclaimed progressive YA comics in the industry for a discussion about what’s next for the imprint that launched a movement in the world of graphic fiction! Moderated by Brigid Alverson (Publishers Weekly, ICv2, Good Comics for Kids).

Sunday, October 7th
(12:15-1:15 PM, Room 1A24)
A new all-star team of Power Rangers has come together to face a new threat from BEYOND THE GRID! Join Marguerite Bennett (Writer, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers),Kyle Higgins (Writer, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Soul of The Dragon), Daniele Di Nicuolo (Artist, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Simone Di Meo (Artist, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Dafna Pleban (Senior Editor, BOOM! Studios) and Megan Ruggiero(Publishing Manager, Hasbro Entertainment & Licensing) to discuss the future of the Power Rangers in comics…and reveal some surprises for every fan in attendance! Moderated by Matthew Mueller (Staff Writer,