Even as Matt Bors has been making the rounds telling us how editorial cartooning is dead (which is it) enterprising cartoonists such as Ruben Bolling and Stephanie McMillan have been fihting back by offering “subscription services” for their work—and it’s been working. So now the extremely busy Keith Knight is joining them with his own sub service, The Round Table, which will offer early access to his cartoons:

For just $15(6 months), or $25 (12 months) you get:

*The K Chronicles and (th)ink delivered to you before publications, websites and commoners see ’em

*Deep, thoughtful, Insightful commentary about said strips

*Hate mail/heads up on upcoming events

*the occasional strip too offensive to run!!

*Unfettered access to Keef’s dark, filthy sketch pages and picks o’ the week!!

Ultimately, this allows me to continue to do what I do as publications dry up, get krinkly and swept off with the wind like autumn leaves.  Keep me cartooning!! KEEP ME CARTOONING!! Now, more than ever!!

Do we want to keep Keith Knight cartooning?

Yes, we do. $25, folks, that’s a few frappuccinos for a whole YEAR of comicking. Sounds like a good deal to us.


  1. I offer a subscription thing myself. And I don’t think it’s dead–there just aren’t too many of us left!

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