During the pandemic times, the Beat launched a hybrid multimedia venture called Comic Beat Insider. The name is a “clever” mashup of Comic News Insider, the long running podcast hosted by Jimmy Aquino and…the Beat. Likewise, CBI is a collaboration between me and Jimmy to livestream conversations about film and comics with our most engaging and knowledgeable friends.

You can find several of our conversations up on our YouTube channel — PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! — and all of them on CNI. 

Today at noon, EDT Jimmy and I are joined by the BBC’s Samira Ahmed, and actor/podcaster David Monteith to talk about Shaun of the Dead, the classic zombie comedy from Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. 

One of the features of Comic Beat Insider is that Jimmy and I try to pick classic movies that one of us has never seen…in this case I’d never seen Shaun of the Dead — I know, I KNOW — but I’ve rectified that and will have my oven-fresh takes on it.

You can join us in Zoom by registering here. OR watch us live on YouTube!


You can find more of our past episodes at the Comics Beat YouTube channel.

I haven’t done as much to promote this venture here on the actual site as I should have because, well, things have been odd around here. But it is invariably one of the highlights of my week to just talk movies and fun stuff with pals, so check us out, and like they say: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any episodes. We’re ramping up our videos again after some time off and you won’t want to miss any of them.