Jim Carrey delivers Shia LaBeouf diss at Golden Globeshttps://www.comicsbeat.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/201401130254.jpg


I know you are all sick of LaBeouf-gate, but while we in the comics trenches have been laughing at Labeouf’s twitter and skywriting antics over the last few weeks—and such entertainment figures as Patton Oswalt have been merciless on Twitter—we’ve been curious to see if he would become a comedy punchline. While we haven’t stayed up on our last night comedian monologs, the award show embargo was broken at the Golden Globes last night, when Jim Carrey came out and said “Dying is easy. Comedy is hard,” and added, after a beat, “I believe it was Shia LaBeouf who said that. So young, so wise,” to quite a bit of laughter.

Carrey himself hasn’t shied away from doing and saying crazy stuff recently. (Remember his Kick-Ass 2 junket boycott?) so his throwing shade on Shia isn’t really a sign that Tinsel Town has ordered an official shunning of the young Transformers star. But I think Jimmy Kimmel needs to be monitored closely by the LaBeouf camp.

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