EA’s E3-adjacent event began by spotlighting the first single-player, narrative-focused Star Wars title first unveiled at Star Wars Celebration. The Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay featured Padawan Cal Kestis, portrayed by Cameron Monaghan, who fights for justice while the Jedi are being hunted down following Episode III. You can view it below:

The unedited gameplay featured at EA Play sees Cal Ketis freeing imprisoned Wookies on Kashyyy. Gerrera, the leader of the extremist rebel cell the Partisans played by Forrest Whitaker in Rogue One, serves as Cal’s companion throughout Fallen Order.
The gameplay looks spectacular, not surprising since the title is from Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Titanfall 2. Their talents translate well to a third-person adventure. The lightsaber mechanics look solid with some exciting finishing moves. The use of the Force is very smart, mostly done to slow time which translates well to a video game.
The gameplay is expected to be the best we’ve seen from an action game by EA in some time. Not only is it developed by Respawn, but it’s also not restricted by the notoriously difficult Frostbite Engine forced on previous EA titles like Anthem.
To date, EA has only produced two games as part of its 10-year deal for the Star Wars franchise. The latest, Star Wars Battlefront 2, landed in hot water for its questionable microtransactions. Thankfully, EA promised we won’t see anything like that here.
It looks like we’re in for a great time based on the Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay. The game launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 15, 2019.