Apex Legends, which launched incredibly strong but had a slightly disappointing post-launch calendar, impressed fans by unveiling a ranked mode, the Legendary Hunt event, and more for Season 2. Here’s what there is to be excited about:
Respawn Entertainment announced a Ranked Mode, something the best players have been requesting for some time. Keeping the game competitive will play a huge part in Apex‘s continued success, so it’s good to see the developers serving the battle royale’s biggest fans.
But the biggest news was the introduction of a 10th playable character, only the second to arrive after launch. Watson is an engineer who can lay traps and block attacks, unlikely the largely offensive cast of Apex Legends. Venture Beat somehow already has a very detailed roundup on the character. In their words:

[Watson] is fast and can quickly run toward the nearest gun fight. Respawn is hoping that Watson’s defensive tools can shake that meta up a bit.
The L-Star, a plasma gun that was also in Titanfall 2, is the new gun. It is only available via care packages that spawn into the map, so it is among one of the rarest and powerful guns you can find. Respawn is also going to buff some of the game’s weaker weapons, including the Mozambique.

Here’s a trailer for Season 2:

And for Watson herself:

All this news is sure to excite fans, who were cooling on the title due to the lack of new content. We’ll see if this keeps the new character and ranked mode keeps Apex Legends up there with other battle royales like Fortnite