Over the weekend, he had a little spare time, and director James Gunn answered a bunch of question on FB, summarized here. The one thing the leapt out at us was this:

Gunn repeatedly reiterated his desire to direct a movie version of Grant Morrison’s Vertigo series “We3,” answering a question about a dream project he’d have trouble making reality. He also referenced his oft-cited dreams of bringing “Hit Monkey” to the big screen, something he apparently attempted to actually do after “GotG.” “Well I tried to direct Hit Monkey before Gotg2. Does that count?” he responded when asked what other superhero films he’d would’ve chosen to direct.

We3 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely is an updated “incredible journey” where a cyborg kitty, puppy and bunny escape attempt to revenge themselves on their captors. It’s one of the most concise and powerful comics of Morrison’s career, with incredible visuals by Quitely that are heartstopping and heartbreaking. You can take your Pax Americana and annotate it to death; We3 is a real masterpiece that still makes me cry.

Despite being the raw materials for a film that would be spectacular, dramatic and exciting, We3 has been kicking around in development in Hollywood for a loooong time, alas, with no progress. But I’m with Gunn on this—while it may be only a pipedream, the animal-loving director would be the PERFECT person to make this film at long last. Doooooo it.

In other news, Gunn revealed that Marvel won’t be doing a presentation at Comic-Con 2015—doubtless because D23, their own Comic-Con, is a few weeks later and they’re saving Star Wars for their own show. BRUTAL. But Kevin Tsujihara just breathed a sigh of relief.

In cuter MCU news, Chris Evans and Chris Pratt followed up on their Super Bowl bet with Evans donning his Captan America costume to visit a children’s hospital. (Pratt did the same with Starlord in Boston after the Patriots beat the Seahawks about five million weeks ago.)

In even more cute news, Chris Hemsworth appeared on SNL and appear in a sketch as Thor of course, complete with real Aussie accent. It’s the crawls that make this though. DAMAGE CONTROL.

But anyway, beore getting befuddled with cuteness, JAMES GUNN WE3 YES YES YES.


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