As the last fitful days of summer slip away, this cover by Jaime Hernandez for the second issue of Marvel’s indie anthology, STRANGE TALES, will take you to that happy place where there is eternal sunshine and jollity.


  1. It was a super heroine drawing of Jaime’s that turned me on to L&R in the first place as a teen. I think a Polaris spot illo from one of those X-Men index books of yore.

  2. Love the Sandman’s smile. One of the few original sketches I’ve had done was by Jaime of Dumb Bunny from The Inferior Five. Who’d like to see him draw an IF mini-series?

  3. Since Los Bros Hernandez were woefully omitted from the previous volume, I’m happy to see them both represented now.

    That said it’s nice to see Marvel giving jobs to real cartoonists (between Strange Tales and Girl Comics) and not porno tracers (Chris Samnee, Stuart Immonen and John Romita Jr excluded of course) even if it’s for their own version of Bizarro Comics.

  4. Who cares where they trace from or even that they trace–is that they add nothing artistic to the source material.

    BTW, Bizarro Comics is dead. Marvel’s directly competing with that product right now. They’re simply trying to one-up DC.

    I’m not big on alternative comics right now, because of their tendency to be insular as, the superhero comics, but there’s a lot vitality and dare I say it–fun in here. That fun comes from the cartoonists who understand the formal aspects of the comics medium. It’s more confident and seems free from the general feeling of malaise that’s infected most creators working in a dying industry. There’s no forced attempt to be relevant or “cool” with that cover.

  5. I loved Strange Tales and can’t wait to pick this up.

    The Hernandez Bros are top notch. Great cover !

    Why can’t Marvel do more stuff like this ?

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