For those of you wondering if Frank Miller would ever direct again, the answer is, “Yes!” He’s directed a commercial/short film for Gucci Guilty perfume starring Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood — that’s right. Captain Johnny Stormerica and The Girl Who Was Almost Mary Jane. The music is by English dance duo Friendly Fires who, as far as we can tell, do not have previous comic book experience. A trailer is getting some airing, but the whole caboodle will premiere during the MTV Video Music Awards on September 12th. If you can’t wait — or your doctor has warned you that watching the MTV Video Awards could trigger a fatal brain embolism — the whole thing will be available online on August 24th.

What will you see, should you decide to take a look at this spot? A fast car, attractive leads, and lots of high contrast spot color messing around — in other words, vintage Miller.


  1. Dear Frank Miller,

    Robert Rodriguez directed Sin City four years ago. It was awesome that he gave you credit as co-director, but that was four years ago and your attempting to ape his directing style with The Spirit two years ago sucked. Please stop it.

    Rob J.

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