Weapon H’s days may be numbered. Marvel has announced Hulkverines, a new three-issue miniseries in which the creature, a bizarre combination of The Hulk and Wolverine created by the Weapon X program, finally squares off against his predecessors. The series will be written by Weapon H writer Greg Pak, with art on alternating issues by Ario Anindito (issues 1 and 3) and Guiu Villanova (issue 2).

Weapon H, who has occasionally been referred to as ‘Hulkverine,’ was created by Pak during the ‘Weapons of Mutant Destruction’ storyline in Totally Awesome Hulk, and has starred in his own solo series since March of 2018. Details on what exactly put Logan and Banner on Weapon H’s trail are scant at the moment, but I hope it’s something to do with trademark infringement.

Check out preview art for the series by artist Greg Land below, and look for the first issue of Hulkverines in February.



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