You may know Joseph Gordon-Levitt for his work in 500 Days of SummerLooper, or Inception, but did you know that before he was a superstar actor, Gordon-Levitt was a huge nerd?

In celebration of Magic: the Gathering‘s 25th anniversary, game publisher Wizards of the Coast invited Gordon-Levitt to join media outlet Geek & Sundry for a trip back in time into Gordon-Levitt’s “old school” Magic collection. The actor brought out several boxes and binders of cards from when he was playing the game early in his career and early into the game’s history.

In addition to reminiscing about old classic fan favorite cards like Shivan Dragon, Gordon-Levitt brought out his collection of Moxes, a powerful set of artifacts from the earliest days of Magic that are now worth, individually, over $1000 a piece. Gordon-Levitt revealed that he bought these cards way back when he was actively playing with his friends in his early acting days, so it’s likely he didn’t have to pay nearly that much for them. Talk about appreciation on investment!

At the end of the day though, what’s a Magic Moment without a battle between JGL and host Erika Ishii? If you’ve ever wanted to see people play with unsleeved $1000+ Magic cards in 2018, this is probably your one and only chance.

Magic: the Gathering is available at local game stores and big box stores as a physical product. Recently, the game’s newest digital platform, Arena, went into a free-to-play open beta stage which you can join right now.