There’s a reason folks in the movie and TV business talk about the sometimes long process between initial studio interest and the greenlight for production as being “trapped in development hell.”  Locke & Key has certain been lost in that nebulous space for 8 long years.  It was thought to have been a done deal a few times, originally for TV at Fox, then for film at Universal, then a really close call more recently at Hulu… but now Deadline has been reporting that Netflix is in the negotiations for a straight-to series order.

Carlton Cuse (The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., Nash Bridges, Lost) will still be attached and is said to be redeveloping the show for a new cast and new director with series co-creator, Joe Hill.

Now… while all the media reporting has been that this is close to being a done deal, the contract is not signed yet, so perhaps things could go still go South (it was a shock when Hulu punted the project), but this is a project that’s had eager suitors every time the option has become available.  And all that teasing is why they call it development hell.

And yes, if this goes through, Netflix really is diversifying its comics IP.