The Cinema Spot is reporting that it has exclusively learned that Disney+ is prepping an Ironheart series. This would add to its already announced slate of live-action and animated series, including WandaVision, The Falcon & the Winter Soldier, Loki, and Hawkeye.

The report adds that the series is in active development, and hoping to begin shooting in 2021. There’s no showrunner attached at this point, and the studio is still soliciting pitches.

Ironheart, a.k.a., Riri Williams is a Black, 15-year-old engineering student living in Chicago. With nothing but her own intellect and the materials she nabbed from her campus, she was able to recreate and improve upon the original Iron Man armor. The character was created in 2015 by by writers Brian Michael Bendis, and artist Mike Deodato, and later redesigned by Eve Ewing and Kevin Libranda. The character also has a new upcoming seriesIronheart 2020, written by Vita Ayala and Danny Lore, with art from David Messina.

She’s previously appeared on-screen in Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron, as voiced by Sofia Wylie, and is also slated to appear in the “Maximum Venom” season of Spider-Man, with Wylie reprising the role.

Two fan theories are popular in regards to Ironheart’s MCU appearance. One is that Tony Stark’s daughter, Morgan, will eventually take up the mantle and the other, which doesn’t whitewash the original character, is that Black Panther’s little sister, Shuri, will handle the character’s cinematic debut.


  1. These characters didn’t work in the comics, there’s no way in hell they’re going to work in the movies and television. Comics fans were saying “create new characters”, and the best they could come up with was Kamala Kahn and RiRi Williams? I DARE THEM to do a RiRi Williams. Watch how fast fans abandon the MCU.

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