Dynamite and Disney are celebrating Disney’s Stitch Day on June 26 with a big rollout of diverse stories starring the titular blue-furred bundle of mischief.

Stitch Day 6/26

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What is Stitch Day? The blue alien buddy who co-stars in Disney’s Lilo & Stitch was originally designated as Experiment 626. While Dr. Jumba Jookiba created more unique experiments, 626 is the most famous. 626 Day offers Disney fans the opportunity to playfully celebrate the beloved character that has captivated global audiences while commemorating his intergalactic namesake.

As part of this year’s celebration, Dynamite is proud to present a spectacular 96-page graphic novel honoring everyone’s favorite furball. Arriving in stores precisely on Stitch Day, which coincides with New Comic Book Day on Wednesdays, fans can pick up this special release and celebrate the holiday with a relaxed read. We cannot all be laying on a Hawaiian beach while doing so, but with some Disney magic everyone can enjoy the antics of Stitch wherever they are!

The book is 6 by 9 inches at a perfect digest size that will be ideal for all ages, including kids who love the original film and all its colorful characters. Within is an anthology format featuring several brand new solo tales rotating the spotlight across the hallmark cast. Of course Stitch is front and center, but readers will get to hang out with Lilo, Nani, Jumba, Pleakley, Bubbles, David, Myrtle, and more.

A diverse roster of creators all pitch in their talents to this celebration. Writers include Moana McAdams, Chuck Brown (Bitter Root, Aquamen), Daniel Kibblesmith (Loki, Black Panther vs. Deadpool), and Jeff Parker (Negaduck, Thunderbolts). Artists Miriana Puglia, Emiliana Pinna, and Giulia Giacomino of the ongoing series also contribute, while virtuosos like George Kambadais (Gargoyles, Hercules) and Edwin Galmon write and draw stories. The book features a gorgeous cover by Sean Galloway, known for his unique cartooning style, that matches Lilo & Stitch perfectly!

In addition to Lilo & Stitch #626, the first four issues of the ongoing Lilo & Stitch series by Greg Pak and Giulia Giacomino are assembled together into a gorgeous collection. Lilo & Stitch: ‘Ohana is available as both a paperback and a hardcover, both sporting the beautiful issue #1 cover by Joshua Middleton. Also produced at 6 by 9 inches, they will be hitting stores everywhere books are sold in June a bit ahead of Stitch Day, allowing fans to get excited and start their Stitch shelf early!

Fans will not want to miss the story that Geek’d-Out lauded with, “The creative team does an excellent job of capturing the spirit and tone of the original film… artist and colorist Giulia Giacomino is nothing short of a revelation.”

Last but certainly not least, said ongoing comic series marches onward with Lilo & Stitch #6 also releasing on Stitch Day alongside #626. In this issue, Stitch winds up in his impromptu circumnavigation of the globe just steps ahead of the increasingly agitated Cluster Sovereign. Pak and Giacomino are joined with covers by Nicoletta Baldari, Trish Forstner, Edwin Galmon, and Craig Rousseau.

Lilo & Stitch #626, Lilo & Stitch: ‘OHANA, and Lilo & Stitch #6 are available for preorder this month and are slated for a June release. Titles will also be available for individual customer purchase through digital platforms courtesy of Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more.

Stitch Day 6/26