We don’t know who came up with it, but it appears the heartbreak of crotchleg has been with us for a while and seems to be here to stay.


  1. This is what happens when artists begin relying on porn for photo references and poses. Wally Wood got the last laugh on Kirby.

  2. I don’t know: Crotchleg sounds like he could be the character find of 2012!

    “Bitten by a radioactive crotch…”

    Hey, it writes itself!

  3. Well you would have to have the requisite amount of modern comics pretentiousness to it. Especially in interviews.

    “Crotchleg is a comic that changes the superhero paradigm and redefines what the crotch means in the post 9/11 world.”

  4. For me, the real abomination is that signature block, which is A) massive, B) unreadable, and C) draws so much attention to itself that it totally imbalances any compositional unity the cover might otherwise have.

    How many people were actually involved in drawing this image?

  5. Regarding the signature, I suspect that each artist penciled a figure, then it was inked and colored by the two “outsider” signatures.

    Manga fan service with pantie shots is quite common.

  6. ‘I don’t even know what this next “batch of indignity” is even railing about.’

    me neither…im all for a good laugh, but what is the focus of this in that picture? im not being sarcastic. is it the way rogues leg is all contorted?

  7. I was going to join in on the snark, when I realized that the entire picture was softcore porn. It’s not just that Rogue is flashing her crotch (sure, we all know lots of women who sit around and do that… it’s an entirely natural pose for anyone–right?) it’s that we’re led to believe Marvel super-heroines often like to pose for us in their panties. There’s nothing forced or out-of-character in this picture at all.

  8. It’s corollary in movies is that move where female super fighters jump onto a guys face, crotch first, and spin him down.

    You see it in EVERY action movie with a martial artist lady fighter.

    Black Widow did it like 30 times in IRON MAN 2. Or maybe it was twice. I’m not sure. One or the other.

  9. Should Rogue’s arm be touching Feicia’s like that? Seems she used to have a problem with touching people and covered herself up better.

  10. This looks like an artists jam commissioned by a particularly ardent fan of Ed Benes and company (or perhaps a convention print those folks produced collectively). I recognize a couple other names from his studio in the signature block.

    Is the fangirl-o-sphere so desperate for things to be outraged about that they’ve moved beyond ranting about published artwork and are now throwing their torches n’ pitchforks parties on places like CAF and/or Deviantart?

    Because if commissions, convention prints, and fanart are fair game for spleen-venting now, even the most cursory image search net will reveal a near-infinite number of far, far more atrocious pics than the one featured above.

    Slow news day, indeed.

  11. Just reminds me of the Image start. We called it porn for the teens. Image swim suit specials and Marvel did a few. Looks like the 90’s style of writing and looks are back.

  12. I was really puzzled and had to look at the eschergirls page. What the heck…

    I’ll hazard a guess that we are talking about a girl’s leg that seems to originate in her crotch? Otherwise I really have no clue. An impossible anatomy pose… (??)

  13. >>>Is the fangirl-o-sphere so desperate for things to be outraged about that they’ve moved beyond ranting about published artwork and are now throwing their torches n’ pitchforks parties on places like CAF and/or Deviantart?

    Are you kidding? OF COURSE they are! You can’t be a victim of the MAN without fresh evidence drawn from the silliest sources. My favorite is when a woman is facing slightly away from you so that you can see the curve of her ass, and then turns slightly back towards you so you can see the side of her breasts, it’s an INHUMAN POSE possible ONLY by BREAKING THE SPINE!!

  14. Again I ask what’s the point of bringing attention to subjects like this if you’re unwilling to call the offending artists out by name and make them face the community?

  15. …and GEE… I wonder how many of those oh-so-appalled-at-crotchleg objectification hit the first screening of “MAGIC MIKE” with there homegirls…

  16. I thought that the issue wasn’t that there are panty shots, but that Rogue’s right leg is not growing out of her hip, but out of her crotch.

    Her hip join seems to have nothing to do with where her thigh connects.

    Or am I wrong?

  17. Is this even a recent picture? It looks like something from ’94.

    Personally I find the proliferation of goofy, brain-colonizing memes like “crotchleg” to be far more offensive than this picture.

    (Well, maybe only slightly more offensive.)

  18. Ha ha this is even more fun than collarboob!

    I am one to talk, my anatomy is horrible (not personally, artistically). But I don’t get paid the big bucks to do stuff like this. I bet there’s some otherworldly Liefeld crotchleg to be found!!!

  19. In response to the last comment:
    1. Because the women you are seeing here are fictional.
    2. “Indignant wrath because they cant get a man”? Is this a parody?
    2. If not, crawl back in your cave and don’t come out until you learn spelling and basic punctuation.
    Usually I don’t respond to such childishness, but there are limits.

  20. Crouchleg hahah. Looks Painful but maybe its to take up space in the comic panels to get a splash page when they run out of content to fill the rest of the page.