By Todd Allen

Valiant’s being a big tease again.  I was sent the following graphic with the tagline, “Shadows fall this November.”

Yes, there is something in that image.  If you’re not seeing it, tilt your monitor or adjust the brightness.

The educated guess (“sm_teaser.jpg”) is Shadowman will be returning in November.  The original Shadowman was a horror/Voodoo hero who survived a supernatural attack, only to find himself changing at night and stalking the creatures that come out after dark.  We’ll see if Shadowman is still in New Orleans for the revival.  The original was a jazz musician which played into the whole creature of the night motif.  Hard to say if he’ll be spinning out of an existing series or starting solo.  Figure more will be revealed shortly.


  1. I liked where Jim Shooter seemed to be directing Shadowman before the rest of the Valiant heads backstabbed and ousted him.

    Jack Boniface was almost killed not by a supernatural creature, but by one of the spider aliens, and never actually had super powers because originally Valiant was a sci-fi universe with no magic.

    It was all a sort of placebo effect that caused him to believe the darkness gave him powers with an adrenaline kick supplying the rest of the illusion.

  2. Not an encouraging image, since he looks like Bloodshot’s cousin, but the new Valiant regime has done pretty well so far. The decompression of XO Manowar has been ridiculous but Harbinger was better and Bloodshot even better still.


  3. @thad I’ve asked specifically about Quantum and Woody. On the radar, but no plan yet. It would not surprise me to see the originals back in print, though.

  4. PS – I’m enjoying XO Manowar, Harbinger completely caught me by surprise as it’s my favorite new Valiant title so far (love the art, and I wasn’t originally going to even pick it up), and Bloodshot was just ok. It was too much like a Wolverine/Punisher mashup for me.

  5. @Todd: Well, great to hear they’re at least talking about it.

    Priest seems like one of those guys who’s got a small but extremely dedicated fanbase. It’s always a surprise how many people show up in comments sections to any article that mentions him.