Netflix’s new series Jupiter’s Legacy is just days away and The Beat was on hand to talk to the next generation of super legends in their own right, stars Elena Kampouris (“Chloe Sampson”), Ian Quinlan (“Hutch”), and Andrew Horton (“Brandon Sampson” aka “The Paragon”) about their characters living in the shadows of their famous superhero parents. 

When we meet Chloe (Kampouris) and her brother Brandon (Horton) in the present, they’ve each chosen different paths and ways to use their superpowers. Each impacted heavily but their father, Sheldon’s (Josh Duhamel) strict rules and controlling guidance, they have different ways of coping with their individual relationships with him. Hutch, on the other hand, has issues from the lack of relationship with his father, George (Matt Lanter), and that poses another set of deep-seated issues. 

Watch our exclusive chat with Ian Quinlan, Andrew Horton, and Elena Kampouris about complex familial relationships and more! 

Jupiter’s Legacy streams this Friday, May 7th, only on Netflix!