Finally! Something to overcome the drab reality of pandemic times: the WandaVision trailer set off a frenzy of speculation and freeze framing the likes of which we have not seen in so long, and oh God, how we’ve missed it. Thank you Disney+. We’re in your thrall.

It wasn’t just the trailer itself: since WandaVision will lead directly into the Sam Raimi-directed Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, we’re back to the good old days of endless writing about the MCU. Phase Four is looking so interesting and mysterious and we’ve had nothing to mull over for so long, so long.  There is so much to inspect and speculate about — call it inspectulating.

Liam Crowley at The Direct gives us a very thorough WandaVision: 12 Easter Eggs & Hidden Details in the New Marvel Trailer. I’ll admit when I first saw the trailer, I guessed that Wanda and Vizh were trapped in some villain’s world, but according to everyone it’s “Wanda’s warped reality.” Okay, I’ll buy that even if it does sound a bit House of M-ish and Crowley even found some evidence for that:


Using her telekinesis to a practical advantage, Wanda sets the dinner table for a couple of (soon to be very rude) guests. Napkins float to the table, silverware hovers on its own, and a notable bottle of wine pours itself into a glass.  Remember what I said about Marvel and their props? The bottle is labeled “Maison du Mépris,” which translates to “House of Contempt.” When considering the stressed syllables in the word ‘contempt,’ the label could also be read as “House of M.”

Photo analysis and language skills! That is some deep diving there. The next step for this kind of sleuthing is undoubtedly “true crime” podcasting.

Unimpressed with The Direct’s mere 12 Easter eggs, ScreenRant dug up WandaVision Trailer Breakdown: 23 Story Reveals and Secrets, although is “Wanda’s still a witch” really a secret? I heard she was called THE SCARLET WITCH! I’ve been fearing this kind of Easter egg War escalation for some time.

Alas, the long layoff from writing clickbait headlines has left some writers a bit flatfooted, or else overanxious to get the goods. The WandaVision Trailer Dropped Some Compelling Evidence For One Villain And I’m Intrigued, says Cinemablend. Turns out it’s Kathryn Hahn’s appearance as a nosy neighbor which many suspect will be Agatha Harkness which, come on, everyone knows.

First off, Agatha was originally established as a powerful witch and a seasoned user of magic, and she would eventually become Wanda Maximoff’s teacher in the art of witchcraft. So far, Wanda has exhibited powerful abilities, like telekinesis, flight, force-field generation and mental manipulation, but she hasn’t actually dabbled in the dark arts. Marvel’s Kevin Feige previously revealed that WandaVision will see Maximoff truly become the Scarlet Witch we know, so maybe Agatha intentionally (or unintentionally) awakens this side of Wanda during their encounters. And if this is the case, Wanda’s new powers could be invaluable when she shows up in Doctor Strange’s next film.

While I’m a fan of Hahn, like everyone, I will miss Kirby’s wrinkly old Agatha, but hey, prosthetic makeup is a thing so I haven’t given up hope.


While the above headline made me click and gave me some gruel to chew on, a second ScreenRant headline had me reaching for the penalty flag: Why Vision’s Original Comics Costume Looks So Cheap In The MCU


Why indeed? IT’S A FREAKING HALLOWEEN COSTUME!!!!! For Pete’s sake!

Sigh. I never thought I would miss the endless feverish speculation about the MCU, but this is where we are in 2020.

At any rate, all this gives me a chance to reprint one of my top ten favorite comic book panels of all times. John Buscema, take a bow. Even a headline writer can try!

Avengers 58 px20.JPG




  1. Wanda with the children brings back disturbing memories. Remember when John Byrne took over the West Coast Avengers, decided he didn’t like Wanda having children and so wrote them out of the story by claiming they’d never been real but were hallucinations created by the Scarlet Witch? Then he wasn’t even on the book very long before he left to go to DC, but the damage had been done.

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