The Inhumans are the IT team for Marvel in 2015! You’ll recall that an Inhumans movie was announced for 2018, and until then, Marvel aims to make sure that Medusa’s swirling red hair and Lockjaw’s somber, antenna’d demeanor are as well known as Rocket’s rifle by then. The Jack Kirby created misfits have been teased on Agents of SHIELD and are now getting a series of variant anniversary covers, reveals, one a month starting with Uncanny Avengers #1 in January by Jose Ladronn.

The covers mark the 50th anniversary of the Inhumans, and subsequent covers will include Guardians of the Galaxy Team-Up #1 in Februayr, also by Ladronn, and Thor #6 by Pasqual Ferry in March.

I have no idea how common or expensive these covers will be, but even if the issues are hard to find, surely you will be able to enjoy them as nice jpegs on the internet every month!


  1. Why do the Inhumans need masks if they are the public rulers of their own people and dont have secret identities? Sort of dumb really…..

  2. The real question is can Marvel bring some humor to the Inhumans? The Thor movies were able to have some fun with what could have been a stuffy faux-Shakesperean world, but I’m not so sure about the Inhumans…

  3. At Kilroy, Five of Seven pictured have no mask covering thier features. Something has to hold Black Bolt’s tuning fork on his forhead and something needs to keep Medusa’s hair out of her face. Seems pretty clear to me. LOL! Oh and they are comic book characters. The are part part human not alien. I noticed you didn’t point out the humaness of all the other aliens in GotG. Quill is really the only human in the movie though I think at one point Drax was human. Why is Silver Surfer humanoid? Why is almost any sentient alien species portrayed as humnoid? Why is Jesus Chris portrayed as a white man?

  4. “The Inhumans are the IT team for Marvel in 2015!”

    I can see it. Black Bolt – CIO, Lockjaw – Help Desk Technician …

  5. REGARDING MEDUSA’S MASK, wasn’t she first introduced as a villainess in early FF? I believe she was teamed up with a group of super villains (Paste Pot Pete and others?) to battle the FF.

  6. aslong as marvel does it right this should be a cool movie..gotg was good but were NOT the guardians of the galaxy I remember.. vance astro, yondu, martinex, Charlie-27, starhawk, nikki, …they ARE the gotg….and yes that’s not how lockjaw looks

  7. @kilroy – many of the new inhumans, the nuhumans as Medusa is calling them, look decidedly un-human. They ARE humans that were fiddled with by the Kree, so it stands to reason they’d still keep many features. Also, one of the inhumans is a door that sends you where you need to be; that’s decidedly out of the ‘norm’.

  8. @thinkaboutitdude Why is almost any sentient alien species portrayed as humnoid?

    So the reader/viewer can relate. Simple as that, really. It’s not some underhanded thing designed to subjugate all the non-humanoid alien species out there.

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