As we first reported after New York Comic-Con, iVerse, the other guy in the digital comics landscape, is planning a HUGE update of their app. And ComicsPLUS 8.0 is here. It’s available now in the iTunes store, and for Android and the web.

Now, the big question is what publishers are going with them. Amazon recently started sending out renewal contracts to various publishers, and the terms are not as favorable as Comixology’s were—they are more like Amazon’s.

Well, if you look at the above graphic, you get a big clue—DC Comics are prominently shown. Although not mentioned in the press release, we’re told that more information on this is coming imminently. DC was long a Comixology exclusive, and their moving to another platform is the first big shakeup of the Amazon acquisition—somehow we think it’s not the last.

iVerse Media is proud to announce the release today of ComicsPLUS 8.0 for iOS 8.  This All-New application has been built from the ground up for iOS 8 with a variety of exciting new features and additions.
“With ComicsPLUS 8.0 we’ve rebuilt the app from scratch to make it easier than ever to discover great digital comics from the biggest publishers in the industry.” Said iVerse CEO Michael Murphey, “New features like uView and importing your personal comics collection provide a unique experience unlike any other digital comics application available today.”
With uView, users can now create cinematic reading experiences directly on their iPads for their personal collections.  Using the uView editor, anyone can create a uView experience for his or her comics in just a few minutes and save it for future use.
Advanced Search allows users to see what content is trending (based upon what other ComicsPLUS users are searching for), and to save their own searches for the future. Combined with our new in-app Filters and Parental Controls, users have never before had more control over how they browse and discover digital comics.
Graphic Novel Rental – another new feature for ComicsPLUS 8.0 allows users to rent select graphic novels for 24, 48, or 120 hours.  Rented comics  can be viewed offline without the need for an Internet connection.
ePub, PDF, CBR, and CBZ file support have also been added to the application, allowing users to import into the app DRM-Free products from their personal collections for the very first time.
“We could not be more excited about this release.” Mr. Murphey continued. “ComicsPLUS 8.0 is an extraordinary experience.  And it just the beginning of where this next generation of our application is heading. More new and enhanced features are on the way – we’re constantly looking to improve our app, and make it the best possible experience for publishers, creators, and fans.”
Features Summary —
— All-New Design
— Graphic Novel Rentals w/ OFFLINE READING
— uView enhanced reading experience
— Enhanced Search w/ Popular and Saved Search Options
— Import Digital File support (ePub, PDF, CBR, CBZ)
— uView creation and editing for imported files
— In-App Parental Controls
Updates for ComicsPLUS for Android and the Web are also available today adding uView reading support for both platforms.
ComicsPLUS 8.0 is available now in the iTunes App Store.



  1. Amazon recently started sending out renewal contracts to various publishers, and the terms are not as favorable as Comixology’s were—they are more like Amazon’s.

    Is anyone surprised by this? I’m kind of glad, actually – I’d like to see more competition in the digital distribution area and Amazon could easily keep it locked up if they wanted to.

    I’m hoping that DC takes the initiative and partners up with someone to do a digital library like Marvel has. I would gladly pay for access to a deep back catalog of DC’s stuff. (Marvel’s isn’t as deep as I’d like, and their android app isn’t the most stable piece of software I’ve ever used, but it’s still worth the annual subscription to me).

  2. “Exclusive to Comixology?” Google Play’s had DC Comics for quite some time now, so there’s already been an alternative to Comixology. Still, glad to see more choices…

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