Ingrid Michaelson Stranger SongsStranger Things has an incredible soundtrack; its throwback vibe has not only inspired people to crank up retro ’80s tunes, but the show itself has also shown to inspire artists creatively, such as singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson. Last month, Michaelson released Stranger Songs, an 11-track album drawing inspiration from the hit Netflix show.

Recently, Michaelson worked with various comic book artists to create a graphic novel lyric video series for her album. These artists — including Jen Bartel, Kate LethAmanda Conner and Kevin Wada — have done work for the Big Two, creator-owned projects, and even animation. Michaelson’s choice to work with comic artists is especially inspired as the Stranger Things property itself has jumped into the comic book world with several comics from Dark Horse.

Interested in checking out this neat project? Check out each video below!

Chapter 1: “Freak Show”

Artist: Ryan Cody (Adventure VanThe Illustrious Gentlemen podcast)

Chapter 2: “Young and In Love”

Artist: Jen Bartel (Blackbird)

Chapter 3: “Hey Kid”

Artist: Kate Leth (Spell on WheelsPatsy Walker AKA Hellcat!)

Chapter 4: “Hate You”

Artist: Megan Hutchison (Rockstars)

Chapter 5: “Jealous”

Artist: Amanda Conner (Harley QuinnThe Big Bang Theory)

Chapter 6: “Missing You”

Artist: Kevin Wada

Chapter 7: “Best Friend”

Artist: Hafsah Mijinyawa (Principal Designer, Cinetopia International Film Festival)

Chapter 8: “Mother”

Artist: Kenny Park (The Washington PostVancouver Magazine, Netflix, DreamWorks)

Chapter 9: “Christmas Lights”

Artist: Isabella Rotman (You’re So Sexy When You Aren’t Transmitting STIs)

Chapter 10: “Pretty”

Artist: Nicola Scott (Black MagickWonder Woman: Year One)

Chapter 11: “Take Me Home”

Artist: Davi Go

Ingrid Michaelson’s Stranger Songs is currently streaming on Spotify and Apple Music and is available for purchase through her website. For tour dates, news, and Stranger Songs merchandise and apparel, visit