Our buddies at Fun.Com  made a fairly epic infographic for the 18 MCU movies, showing budgets, box office receipts,. opening weekends rankings and MOAR. GOTG 2 cost $2000 mil? Civil War cost $250 mil?

BTW, if you’re wondering if Inifnity War is th costly movie of all times, no, it doesn’t seem to be. Disney’s most expensive movie ever ws, believe it or not Pirates of the Caribbean ON Stranger Tides. Talk about weasted money….


  1. 1. If Hulk didn’t lose money, it came pretty damn close. Hard to believe it cost more than Iron Man, given how badly the special effects of that movie have aged compared to Iron Man.

    2. Those are deeply mediocre numbers for Ant-Man. Yes, Cap and Thor had slow starts they built on, but you always had the feeling there was a demand there to build on. I don’t think anyone is eagerly awaiting Ant Man and the Wasp. It’s still my bet for Marvel’s first real bomb since Hulk. With Black Panther and Avengers (even Deadpool)….those are hard acts to follow this year.

  2. Not to be contrarian, but I’m more eagerly awaiting AM&tW than A:IW, which I just have a feeling isn’t going to be that great. (Don’t see how such an unwieldy cast can be used well. Hope I’m wrong.) AM&tW has a shot at being an engaging story, whereas A:IW has the feel of an event comic. (But, yeah, mediocre numbers indeed.)

  3. Movie makes a half billion dollars*, worldwide, with a no-name character** and is named “deeply mediocre.” If I was a Hollywood producer, that one movie would have made my career.

    * On a budget of $130 million
    ** Even less of a name than Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange

  4. This is super impressive–but it’s a bit like looking at NFL contracts but not talking about what’s actually guaranteed (the totals in the news are always what every option fulfilled pays). Here, we need to see the marketing costs, which I assume generally means doubling the cost of every one…so every one is a success except maybe THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

  5. I’m surprised that Civil War had the same budget as an Avengers movie. I have to say that I like the overall visuals of smaller produced movies, like Guardians Vols, Ragnarok, and even Dr Strange, slightly more. Just surprised at the cost.

  6. I’m actually very pumped for the Ant-Man sequel this summer. Unless Infinity War is a massive critical failure, I think that the Marvel train will keep rolling in Ant-Man & The Wasp’s favor.

  7. Ant-Man and the Wasp looks like acceptable lightweight summer entertainment. I’ll probably see it, enjoy it, and immediately forget about it. In other words, it’ll be just like the previous Ant-Man movie.

  8. “I’m surprised that Civil War had the same budget as an Avengers movie.”

    Civil War actually was an Avengers movie. It just didn’t have “Avengers” in the title.

    Love this tweet from film journalist Mark Harris:

    “I am looking forward to seeing Avengers: Infinity War under the same optimum conditions I have seen every other Marvel movie: In a completely empty theater on the second Monday afternoon of its run.”

    That’s when I prefer to see them! No crowds of texting teenagers in the audience.

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