For those who may not know, Tekken is one of the most cult popular fighting game franchises around. Debuting in the days of the original PlayStation, this odd Japanese fighter gave us colorful characters such as the white kid-n-play of Paul Phoenix and the luchador tiger mask wearing King. Over multiple games, the franchise has had some memorable moments but perhaps none bigger than its upcoming guest star, Jefferey Dean Morgan’s Negan from the AMC version of The Walking Dead.

In a video detailing Tekken 7‘s season two content expansion plans, art was shown of Negan along with voice over of JDM’s lines from the AMC Walking Dead show from the episode right before he clubbed Glenn. There’s no date on when players can download Negan or exactly what his move set will look like but the game’s publisher Namco Bandai, has stated it’ll be very familiar to fans of the show.

So now that the Kentucky gentlemen Negan has come to a Japanese fighting game, it’s time to see where else we can shove Walking Dead characters into. Maybe King Eziquel and Sheeva can be part of Super Smash Bros., Carol can show up in Mortal Kombat with her fatality being her telling the opponent to “look at the flowers”. Apparently Walking Dead is the new black, it just goes with anything.

Tekken 7 is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC but the only date for Negan’s debut in the game is “Coming Soon”.