Hey there, I’ll try to keep a running tab on what’s been announced but follow the twitter feed for an abridged version.

Notes supplied by Todd Allen — many thanks!

• Kirkman back on Invincible #111
• Scott Snyder has joined Image for WYTCHES with Jock — the blackest most twisted book he’s done.
• Tech Jacket Digital with Joe Keatinge and Khary Randolph
• Shutter by Keatinge and newcomer Leila del Duca _ what if all the pulp stuff happened and its the future.
• 8 House – an anthology set in a shared fantasy universe headed by Brandon Graham with a wealth of contributors.
• Nailbiter by Joshua Williamson — set in a small town full of serial killers.
• Superannuated man by Ted McKeever — recently previewed here at The Beat in our year-end survey.
• Low by Rick Remender and Greg Tochinni a 60 issue aquiatic SF series about humans living below the ocean.
• Ody-C by Matt Fraction and Chris Ward retelling the Odyssey in space.
• Casanova, Fraction’s spy saga is coming back from Image with Fabio Moon, backup stories by Michael Chabon and Gabriel Ba
• Bitch Planet by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine deLandro — a women in prison saga
• Great Beyond by Nick Spencer and Matt Jeske, about a dead man who commits suicide
• Paradigms by Spencer and Butch Guice about warring clans of magic users
• Cerulean by Spencer and Frazer Irving, in wehich the last survivors of earth arrive at an inhabitable planet.
• Airboy by James Robinson and Nick Dragotta, reimagining the old series
• Howtoons by Fred van Lente and Tom Fowler about a world without renewable enegery.
• Cowl by written by Kyle Higgins and Alex Siegel, art by Rod Reeseabout the chicago Organized Workers League, a superhero union set in 60s Chicago
The Wicked and the Devine by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie concerned the gods as pop stars
• Nameless by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham the “ultimate horror comics”
• Restoriation by Bill Willingham and Barry Kitson in which all the gods come backinto the world on the same day, claiming sities and a huge body count.


  1. Always love new Kelly Sue, and Alex de Campi’s Grindhouse has whetted my appetite for more exploitation comics, so this is perfect.

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