First it was a terrifying, shadowy figure.

Then it was a video sceen cap. 

And now Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter, Marvel president and adviser to POTUS, is just standing there on an airplane runway getting his picture taken by the AP, after three decades of not allowing any photographs – even going so far as to go to the Iron Man premiere in a disguise.


This is kind of like the last season of Lost.

Perlmutter’s wide open appearance was part of a “listening panel” for veterans in Florida. A panel that did not include any reps from major veterans groups.

The White House did not release a complete list of those who were there when Trump held a meeting on the VA at the White House Tuesday. Representatives of American Legion, Disabled American Veterans and the Veterans of Foreign Wars told Military Times they weren’t invited.

Someone who was included was Marvel Entertainment chair and former CEO Isaac ‘Ike’ Perlmutter.

To be fair, Perlmutter, 74, is a veteran of the Israeli army.


  1. Trump’s plan to privatize the VA is a great one. The insurance and pharmaceutical industry have for too long been denied a hefty slice of the VA welfare scheme, and that is nothing but communism.

    Frankly, the Vietnam and Iraq War vets should get down on their knees every morning and thank Trump that they get ANYTHING. They lost both wars, and want cookies and free government welfare for doing a BAD JOB. Trump should just cut them from receiving benefits, let these lazy war-losing traitors get real jobs, learn to stop relying on welfare.

    I like veterans who won the wars they fought in! Iraq and Vietnam vets are LOSERS and WELFARE CHEATS. Revoke their citizenship and deport them to China!

  2. The VA Hospitals have killed more American troops than the WW2 armies of Germany and Japan COMBINED.


  3. “Sgt. Sadler,” you’re a jerk and an idiot. Shut the hell up and go back to posting at Breitbart.com, where you can have orgasms thinking about Steve Bannon.

  4. I like not paying people who did a bad job! (I’m looking at you, Iraq vets!)

    We should send all Iraq vets a bill for the $7.9 trillion they wasted over in Iraq. Couldn’t they have lost the war for less than a trillion? Euthanize those welfare pigs!

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