Looks like IDW has something to replace Dirk Gently in their TV lineup.  Netflix has placed a 10 episode order for V-Wars with Ian Somerhalder, formerly of The Vampire Diaries set to star, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

V-Wars is a little unusual in that this franchise was set up in both comics and prose.  Jonathan Maberry is the principal writer behind all this.  He’s done some comics work, but he’s a much bigger deal in the prose world, particularly for his Rot & Ruin YA series that concerns the aftermath of a zombie infestation.

The show will revolve around Somerhalder’s Dr. Luther Swann, who discovers a mysterious disease has transformed his friend into a vampire.  The series will follow the fracturing of society as the disease spreads and conflict ensues between the human and vampire camps, as things are wont to do in such situations.

Brad Turner from the Stargate franchise is attached to direct and executive produce.

High Park Entertainment will be producing it alongside IDW.

And for those keeping score at home, Locke & Key is still being shopped.  You’d really think it would have found a home by now.