IDW have announced that they’ll be publishing a new series based around Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo In Slumberland, with the creative team of Eric Shanower and Gabriel Rodriguez taking over the reins. Titled Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland, the series is also notable for being the first new project Rodriguez has worked on since Locke and Key started – that’s quite a while


IDW’s Editor in Chief Chris Ryall mentions that in the press release, in fact —

It feels odd to think of Gabriel Rodrigu

ez working on anything but Locke & Key, the series that he’s illustrated since 2007, but if anything is worthy of being his next project, it’s re-envisioning McCay’s Slumberland alongside another brilliantly talented creator like Eric Shanower

he notes. This new series will return to the classic characters of the original series, albeit in slightly different ways. It appears that the characters and world will be ever so subtly changed for these new adventures. The premise of Little Nemo is an exploration of dreams – the main characters goes on extraordinary journeys and meets strange people in his dreams, and we follow him as he travels through these weird worlds.

Return to Slumberland will continue with that premise, which served it well for over twenty years. Shanower and Rodriguez are a fabulous creative team – if there’s anybody who knows how to write a dreamworld, it’s the writer who spent the last few years adapting The Wizard of Oz for comics.


  1. I like these creators, but that headline made me think it was April 1. I would assume that new Little Nemo in Slumberland material would have a new creative team, since Winsor McCay died in 1934!

  2. “Last few years”? Eric Shanower has been working on Oz projects for nearly 30 years now–his first Oz graphic novel was in 1986, and he’s been doing a steady stream of Oz work ever since.

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