Rosalind Morehead (left) Kate Henning (middle) Kahlil Schweitzer (right)

IDW has had some comings and going in the marketing department over the last year or so, but they look to have filled the open position, and raised it two, by hiring THREE seemingly bright eyed and bushy tailed new folks. Rosalind Morehead, formerly of Mad Catz, will be Marketing & PR Manager. Diamond’s Kate Henning has been hired as Manager of Sales Operations.

Finally, former intern Kahlil Schweitzer has also recently joined the Marketing department as Sales & Marketing Coordinator.

In a press statement, IDW VP of Marketing Dirk Wood warned “Rest assured, the world is going to be hearing a lot more about IDW soon.”

IDW publishes 60 to 70 comics a month, so these new recruits will have much to do.


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