When I started fretting about my computer repairs yesterday, Tom Spurgeon offered to suggest that people donate some money to help out, and I didn’t say no. (Tom Spurgeon is good people, in case you didn’t know that.)

And then you guys started hitting the Paypal button.

My immediate bill was covered within an hour, and I said no one needed to give any more, but you guys kept giving. And kept on. I’m not ashamed to say that several times yesterday afternoon, my eyes were not entirely dry.

Thanks to the immense generosity of Beat readers I have enough to fix my computer, pay off some longstanding bills regarding the Beat and invest in some much needed upgrades and back-up equipment, like a new Time Machine-ready drive. And a Thunderbolt cable. The rest is being put in a rainy day fund to pay for more improvements, pay writers and so on.

I also hope to pay it forward with supporting more Kickstarters and helping people who also need a hand.

I can’t thank you all enough. Seriously, I’m so humbled and grateful. Comics people are the best people. This IS a community. Sometimes it feels like the same $20 goes around and around as we pass it along helping whoever needs it the most, buying a collection, pitching in on a Kickstarter, sometimes just helping pay the rent. But as long as that $20 is going around, we’ll keep going.

In the meantime, I am chugging along on my old computer (the racehorse will be back in a a few days they tell me) which isn’t compliant with a lot of software, so I’ll just be hitting the high spots where I can.

But once again….thank you. Thank you all. I’ll say it one more time.

Comics people are the best people.


  1. Hey, Heidi, you should move the donate button to the front page, it took me a while to find it this morning!

  2. Seriously, what Scott said. You’re one of the first sites I look at in the morning. Your passion for comics is amazing and I would be broken hearted to not be able to see the great things you (and your awesome contributing staff) have to say.

    and while this might not be the most appropriate of times to point out…the next time someone says something about goddamn typos, punch them in their internet genitals, male/female alike

  3. Glad the computer issues are resolved and a thing of the past. I’ve taught at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and point students from their comic art program to your site consistently. The Beat is an invaluable resource for those who love comics and well worth a donation.

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