Everyone has a story. Waving back at someone NOT waving at you and then pretending you are smoothing out your hair instead. Saying “thanks, you too” as a response to “how are you?” For me, one of my most embarrassing moments was my first day working in a craft store. A customer purchased a glitter-encrusted fake flower. Breathing in too deeply at the exact moment I picked it up to scan it at the cash register, I inhaled the sparkles, leading to a choking fit in front of the whole store. The point is, humans are awkward and What’s Up Beanie? captures it perfectly.

Created by Beanie (Alina Tysoe), the slice-of-life comic is based on real-life events from the creator’s experiences. We view cute childhood moments (there are puppies!), angsty teenage years, and socially awkward encounters in adulthood.

Each installment is short but incredibly relatable. Even if you aren’t guilty of doing what Beanie does, you can at least feel the emotions of the panels. The happiness, the fear, the embarrassment, and everything in between. The best part about it is it makes those mortifying experiences you can’t let go of feel less overwhelming (I still have a glitter thing years later).

What’s Up Beanie? updates regularly on Webtoons. Start reading here.

What's Up Beanie