In Griefer Belt by Kale de Wild, readers get a glimpse into the day-to-day adventures of high profile queer criminals… and let’s just say the results are not exactly mess-free!

Scott is just your average, everyday hitman, delivering the organs of his latest mark to his boss, the unpredictable Lars. When Lars (who has recently liberated one of Scott’s coworkers from his forearm for normal, crime boss-related reasons) proposes that they go out for a drinks, Scott agrees – so long as Lars is buying.

Griefer Belt
Spare parts in Griefer Belt.

Along with their coworker Addie, they head out for drinks. But after what presumably passes as a normal night on the town for the criminals, Scott ends up going home with Lars, and the pair spends a passionate night together.

Of course, we all know how awkard the morning after can prove to be… Doubly so when you’ve slept with your boss, and triply so when end up stumbling upon some of your boss’s leftover human remains in the fridge.

According to Addie, if Scott plays it cool and doesn’t mess things up, he might be lucky enough to get another chance at sleeping with Lars… and hey, what possible red flags could there be when you’re dating your homicidal criminal boss? Probably none.

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Griefer Belt
Let’s put on a show in Griefer Belt!

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