Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.09.18 AMHoward the Duck’s life is in jeopardy, or so the newest Marvel variant cover on the first issue of his ongoing series makes us believe. The new comic book has an interesting new cover that shows Howard in various stages of life. Towards the end of the the seven cycles, fans get a sneak peak at a gravestone.

Howard the Duck #1 will be available for purchase on March 4th.

The gravestone states:

Here Lies Howard T. Duck 1973-2015. “Valiantly gave his life during the Secret Wars.”

Will Howard die before the debut of his ongoing series?

With Chip Zdarsky’s irreverent sense of humor, it’s likely that this is some kind of hoax. The very last image in the evolution cover shows Howard alive and well. As Newsarama states, the duck is playing a part in the upcoming Secret Wars story as he is attached to the “New Quack City” region in the crossover.

To figure out some of the nuts and bolts on how the cover actually works, Marvel sent out a video. It’s important to note that all these covers are numbered and unique.

Marvel stated that the idea for this slightly gimmicky variant cover was born out of the successful launch of the recent Ant-Man #1 shrinking cover.

Marvel Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing David Gabriel explained:

“The Ant-Man #1 Shrinking Variant was such a successful experiment, we knew we wanted to try it again right away,” Gabriel said. “Each one of these variants is numbered and completely unique, showcasing a different Howard at a different size. Waugh!”



  1. So I have a question: Is this alternate cover thing just to make them a manufactured collectible, or are there actually people who buy more than one copy of the exact same book?

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