This past weekend saw the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo roll out, a much anticipated foray into the CAF circuit for one of the biggest markets in the US. If you look at the debuts,l the comics were vibrant and exciting. Last year’s show was good but had room to grow, so we’re eager for reports on this one. It’s hard to find the social media reports for CAKE, but the few there were seemed enthusiastic. Here are pictures from Jason Leivian. It looks like there was a good crowd.


Of course, it won’t be over until Secret Acres reports on it.

In the meantime, here are some pages from books that debuted:


Trouble Club


Josh Bayer’s RAW POWER 2 from Retrofit


Express Less from Lale Westvind


  1. It was a great show! Lots of talented artists who were really excited about their work. Artist’s Alley is always my favorite part of any convention and this was just one, big, beautifully strange Artist’s Alley.

    More importantly, it was a show of discovery. You know what to expect from Artist’s Alley at a big show. The fun here was discovering great work by artists you are not familiar with.

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