Arrrgh, the most tension filled day of the year for Stately Beat Manor is tomorrow. San Diego Comic-Con hotel registration opens up at noon EDT, 9 am PDT. Gentlemen, start your browsers….and do not refresh. There are more rooms that ever this year, and the cancellations are refundable until April 15th so even if you get nothing tomorrow, DON’T PANIC. I have to hints tips or tricks to give for this since I’m competing with the rest of you. But you should definitely study the hotel list, since they’ve made it more complex by making separate listings for particular KINDS of rooms at various hotels, and getting a room depends entirely on how quickly you go through that list, so study up/

With the hotel lottery about to take place, the Unofficial San Diego Blog takes a look at 10 Years of San Diego Comic-Con Hotel Rates with a chart that is, tbh, a little hard to read, but the general idea is that hotel room prices have risen! Except for one hotel which started out as a $300+ luxury hotel but is now a $289 regular hotel. There is also a scan of the hotel list from 2006 which shows that really, a LOT fewer hotels were even ON the list then. As the person who has been covering the hotel hell for longer than anyone, I can attest to this. It’s part of the city’s ongoing proving it’s love for Con that has forced more hotels to sign up for the discounted rates instead of charging an arm and a leg.

And just in case you don’t get a room in the lottery, there are some area rooms available on hotel sites, mostly way more than $300 a night. But if money is no object and you can’t stand the stress….

ALSO, Tony Kim has a list of the best hotels for seeing celebrities, and it’s a pretty sound list. I figure everyone who wants to see a celebrity already knows this stuff, so there’s no harm in writing it out. But if you stand around the Hilton Bayfront lobby for any amount of time, you are pretty much guaranteed to see someone who is on TV.

Anyway, may the odds be in your favor.


  1. My suggestion:
    Hosteling International.
    It’s in Old Town.
    Yes, you pay by the bed, unless you get a private room.
    Get a group together, and take over an entire dorm room!
    Plus there’s a kitchen, and you’ll meet people from all over! (Unless you hate diversity.)


    If you don’t mind bunking with strangers, the cheapest rate is $31 a night.
    Private rooms range from $91-$124 a night.

    Hmm… strange. All of July is not available.
    Still, you might want to call. When I was an employee (DC/NYC), we would cancel reservations every night, so beds might open up. It wasn’t uncommon to have people camp out in the common room waiting for us to cancel reservations so they could check in a 2 A.M.

    I’ll be staying at the HI-AYH in Chicago during C2E2. My room is a duplex. Two bedrooms (each with 8 bunk beds and lockers), a shared shower, plus kitchenette and living room. $120. Total. $40 a night.

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