Batman ’66 is having quite the run as a team-up book.  There’s been the Man From U.N.C.L.E., Green Hornet, (Steed & Peel) Avengers, Wonder Woman ’77 and now Archie.

Archie Meets Batman ’66 will have a July launch.  Regular Batman ’66 writer Jeff Parker will be joined by Michael Moreci.  Archie legend Dan Parent will be on pencils, with J. Bone inking and Kelly FitzPatrick on colors.

Yes, I said Dan Parent drawing Batman.  Blows the mind, doesn’t it?

Over at SyfyWire, Jeff Parker had this to say about the project:

Look, we all want to know what Jughead and The Joker make of each other, and we want to see the romance dynamics of Riverdale High thrown completely out of gear by bringing in Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon. And will Pop Tate get ahead of this and start selling Bat Burgers? It’s very cool to work with a heavy hitting team of top talent. Michael and I synched up immediately with plotting, and Dan and J. Bone are the exact right cartoonists to make a mash-up like this really work. We are all wearing matching R letterman jackets while working on this, by the way.