One of the more peripherally connected comics-type movies coming out this year is HOLLYWOODLAND, due in September, which stars Ben Affleck as George Reeves, the actor who once played Superman, whose controversial death continues to haunt Hollywood. Adrien Brody, Bob Hoskins, Joe Spano, Robin Tunney and Diane Lane also star — we remind you that since in real life Reeves girlfriend’s ex-husband was a gangsterish studio head, it is required by law that Bob Hoskins appear in the film.

Anyway, the trailer is up. Although the timing following SUPERMAN RETURNS release cannot be accidental, one notes that the Big Red S is not explicitly shown.

Here’s a screen cap courtesy of Beat Spy Bucephalus:

We could be wrong, but in this still Reeves/Affleck seems to be asking the question, “Who am I?” and wondering if as a flawed human he can live up to the heroic ideal of the character he plays. Just guessin’ though, really.


  1. When I saw Superman Returns last Thursday, Hollywoodland was the first trailer with it. It was kind of creepy to be reminded about George Reeves murder or suicide right before seeing a new actor take on the mantle.

  2. Hollywoodland looks really good. I was impressed by the trailer, and it looks like we won’t be subjected to Afflack’s acting all that much. Maybe in flashbacks?

  3. Yes, I too saw it before SR on Sunday, and thought the same thing. However, it at least looks interesting from the trailer, much more than could be said for the other trailers I saw (okay, except Spiderman3, which is also interesting coming as it does from a rival studio and comics company).

  4. It’s only a matter of time, of course, before there is a movie about the life and death of Christopher Reeve as well. Brandon Routh better get busy on figuring out how he’s going to die so that they can make a movie about it.