Holy moly. How superb does this new Jim Rugg project from AdHouse Books look? I’d heard (or read) of its announcement here and there, but only recently got around to actually checking out the preview pages Adhouse have up on their site.  A glossy, 4-colour, magazine format book, it weighs in at a good 56 pages and is due to release in May (my birthday month- just saying).

I cannot tell you how envious I am of you citizens of the US, unaffected as you are by colossal shipping charges to our cold and quirky little island, and thus easily able to get your mitts on such fantastic stuff.  The price hikes in overseas postage has -much to my great frustration- really curbed my spending on comics from the US,  where a good deal of my favourite indie creators hail, with prices now more than double the cost of the actual book being purchased. So do me a favour and buy this so I can live vicariously through you- and because by all accounts, it seems bloody fantastic.

Here’s a little snippet on exactly what it’s all about (sort of), as well as some preview pages:

‘SUPERMAG is Jim Rugg’s latest print project… a glossy, magazine-format collection of “narrative collapse.” It showcases his interests in genre, irreverent humor, graphic design, drawing, and typography. SUPERMAG features new work as well as collecting the best of his recent anthology contributions.’

I’ll just be in the corner plotting the violent demise of whoever’s in charge of the US postal system.







  1. YAY! Zainab’s back!

    I cannot wait to get this. Jim Rugg is one of the most talented people making comics alive and he’s a Hell of a nice guy to boot.

  2. Rugg is just a few short years away from creating a world shattering masterpiece. Every project he does is a big jump forward.
    I’m pretty convinced that people will talk about him the way we talk about Eisner or Kirby. Maybe more.

  3. Supermag is solicited in the latest Previews, so if you have a local comic shop you can ask them to advance order it for you — that’s what I’ve done (I’m in Britain too)

  4. Thanks David, I’ve not done that before, but I shall give it a go. Or annoy Steve about it- he’s a comics pro :)

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