A Batman v Superman teaser was released tonight and it really puts the “v” in BvS! The shot opens with Batman (Ben Affleck) hanging from chains. Superman (Henry Cavill) strides into the room and some guards to look Naziish bow before him! What! Is Superman a fascistic overlord after all? And then…he rips of Batman mask!

WTH! Superman is a dick.

As we’ve written here a few times, basically the entire future of Warner Bros and its current execs is riding on Batman V Superman so hopefully this will get the excitement ball rolling for the March release.


  1. If we’re lucky, horrible grimdark (trite, boring, overdone) dystopianism will cause those execs to lose their jobs, and someone new will say “you know, the guys doing Green Arrow and the Flash are pretty successful at this, maybe we should try a Superman their way…”

    If we’re not, DC will make enough money to not realize why they are losing at movies but winning at TV…

  2. Wow, love the way that last shot of Superman looking at the mask invokes the shot from previous previews of Batman’s costume where Alfred has the voice over about good men turning cruel. Very nicely done.

    I’m really looking forward to this, and I hated the premise initially.

  3. So happy to see this dark and cool looking. Loved the Superman movie and the Batman films. you want light…go see some Marvel movie or watch all the WB shows on tv…..this is the tone I love and look forward to in the cinema. How people think all usuperhero movies should be bright and light is beyond me. Like any genre we need to see different takes and different moods. All horror movies should not be Ghost busters and so on. Variety and taking chances in a genre is important for the life of the movies and Nolan’s take on Batman is the best ever, and now we get to see another look at what another film maker can do. I am happy the people looking for light and bright can go and watch their tv shows each week and even more happy film makers can explore the dark side of the heroes and both can create some really fun work.

  4. “you know, the guys doing Green Arrow and the Flash are pretty successful at this, maybe we should try a Superman their way…”

    How quickly we forget Green Lantern and Berlanti’s very deep involvement in that. Sure, maybe a whole different approach from another set of creatives could work, but “been there, done that” for those particular gents.

  5. I crave grimdark just as much as the next developmentally arrested comic fan but shoehorning Superman into that still seems like it’s fighting too much history with the source material and goes about it a little too gleefully for me. Variety and bravery is fine for the genre but missing the point of the characters doesn’t pass the smell test for me. Comics first, movies second. bewm.

    Doesn’t even begin to approach the real problem anyway…*cough*Snyder.

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