Tom Neely’s HENRY AND GLENN FOREVER comic is a classic mini that envisions two punk icons — Black Flag’s Henry Rollins (once of Black Flag) and Glenn Danzig (once in the Misfits) — as a gay couple with sitcom problems — dealing with jealousy, having Hall and Oates over for dinner. Imagine a punk METALOCALYPSE you can put in your pocket.

Danzig — a notoriously feisty scrapper who’s been known to pop people in the snoot and once was a credible choice to play Wolverine — is no stranger to comics. He once ran his own Verotik line and was a pioneer of the comics Nerdlebrity. However, his reaction to the comic has been crabby ranting.
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Now Rollins, who is also a published poet and photographer, has gone on the record with his own response, in a video interview with Narduwar the Serviette. The bit begins at about 6:18.

Q: There’s a comic out there called Henry and Glenn forever

Rollins: I’ve only seen the cover I’ve never looked inside the pages.

Q: Has Glenn seen this?

Rollins: Glenn doesn’t have a–I don’t think he has a real wide berth for humor and something like that would really get him going. I don’t care. I believe in the First Amendment. I think Glenn would not take it well, or so I venture to guess.

Q: How would you describe it for people who haven’t seen it?

Rollins: I can describe the cover. I think it’s a drawing of Glenn and someone who likes like me on it. I forget. I sign it. People give me a copy to sign and I obediently sign the front cover, but I’ve never looked inside. I really don’t feel the need.

So there you go…Henry Rollins…a bigger man.


  1. Henry Rollins is such a class act. I got to interview him once, and calling his office phone and hearing him answer “Hello, this is Henry.” was one of my biggest geek-out moments ever. Pretty cool he responded to this, even though this interviewer is kind of obnoxious.

  2. I’ve always like Henry Rollins, not just for his work in Black Flag, but also his poetry stuff, acting, and his political stances on certain issues.

    My experience with Danzig — back in the day I went to his first Verotik SDCC party and he was the bouncer at the door. They were only allowing so many people in at a time (which nobody knew about) Danzig’s way of cutting off the line was to clothesline you. Thus, I was fortunate enough to have Danzig’s hands on my throat when I reacted to this (you have to understand he’s not very tall). I stayed at the party for all of 20 some minutes. When I left the red and blue lights of police cars were converging on the scene. I got out just in time. The next day folks were talking about it. The next year at SDCC he did another party, but I didn’t go, however, I was told that it was pretty raunchy. Who told me this? Simon Bisley, who just came from the event. His exact words, “what the women were doing there to themselves… I was disgusted.”

  3. One time I had this GHOST RIDER page and a friend told me Danzig wanted to buy it and gave me some money.

    For month I asked the guy where Glen wanted it shipped but never got a reliable reply.

    So, one day I’m working late in the office (like 3am) and the phone rings:





    It worse from there but eventually I sent Danzig the art.

  4. Rollins does an amazing radio show once a week on KCRW in Santa Monica. He plays everything from Miles Davis to punk to Middle Eastern rap. He’s an incredible fount of music knowledge. I’ve come to respect him more and more as years go by.

    Danzig is a right wing A-hole who’s music I liked when I was younger.

  5. Nardwuar is *awesome*! I’ve been watching his interviews and listening to his show for a while. His research is incredible. His old interview with Rollins is a classic where Rollins doesn’t get Nardwuar at all and threatens to beat him up (or something…I saw it a long time ago).

  6. I’ve interviewed Rollins three or four times and he’s probably one of my favorite subjects. Some celebrities give one word answers. Henry will talk at length about pretty much anything.

  7. Rollins is a class act and a huge inspiration for me. Danzig is a good songwriter and that’s about it. Rich, you were referencing that Dirty Black Summer Headbanger’s Ball promo, weren’t you?! I cracked the fuck up readingt that.

  8. Henry Rollins is the man, I had a buddy that met him on a plane in business class. He said he was stunned and almost couldn’t speak. He introduced himself to Henry explained that he’d always been a big fan of his work. He said he was so cool and so down to earth . Henry thanked him graciously for serving in the military (my buddy was wear his dress uniform ) . Guess the ended up chatting almost the whole flight .

  9. I have met both of these guys at various times in my life. Henry Rollins once, Glenn Danzig about ten times. Both were very nice people, both were respectful and gentlemen to me. Henry jokes around more. Glenn likes to have serious conversations which I appreciate too. I hear a lot of crap about Glenn. I will say only from personal experiences that- he took photos with me no problem whatsoever, he took time to talk to me, He has never been sexually weird around me. He was very calm and nice to me every single time except once he had to cut it short because it was 15 below zero out, and Glenn has throat issues in the cold. He has a great sense of humor and laughs at himself often, he just hates the stupid comic. He was on Auqua Teen Hunger Force after all, as well as Portlandia. I believe Glenn is more comfortable around women, and I do not mean just because sexually, I mean in general. Henry Rollins was really nice also, spoke to me at a concert at length, he is very polite to women and a very smart person. I have nothing bad to say about either of these guys based upon my private experiences.

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