Once again, The Beat is looking for a sales chart analyst to take over the monthly Indie Sales charts.  Kate Reynolds has done yeoman service but she’s moving on to other frontiers and vistas. (Including hopefully some more writing for The Beat.)

This is a volunteer position. If you are interested, send an email to comicsbeat with “SALES CHART ANALYSIS” in the headline. Please include any relevant clips or experience. This is a very number heavy task so you should really really love crunching spreadsheets. Previous sales chart analysts will be available for questions and to send along any materials you may need.

And speaking, of which, the sales charts have gotten way late here, which is 100% my fault but me and Managing Editor Alex Lu are working at whipping that into shape so you’ll see all of the sales charts rolling out over the next few days.

REVIEWS: The Beat is also looking for people interested in reviewing/writing about small press, webcomics, and indie comics. I think we do a pretty good job of covering Big Two and the “Front of the catalog” publishers, but I’m most excited about the world of indie/graphic novel comics and the new voices emerging. And webcomics in general is a giant area we haven’t touched. Ideally I’d like the next Jessica Camaya Lee, or the first [your name here.] Seriously, this is an area that is so wide open at the moment, it’s a frontier.

I would like to encourage writers who are African American, Latino, Asian, indigenous peoples, non-binary or LGBTQ to write in. I am actively looking for voices outside the typical white cis guy category because 1) many indie comics works deal with issues that fall outside the white cis guy narrative and 2) very simply, the Beat is fully committed to reflecting and expanding the existing diversity of voices in the comics world. And frankly, the most interesting writing about comics I’m seeing of late is from writers who are not white cis guys.

This is a volunteer position at present. To apply, send an email to comicsbeat with “INDIE COMICS” in the headline. Please include any relevant clips.