As per IGN, artist Russell Dauterman revealed a brand new image for The Mighty Thor #1. The picture reveals multiple facets of the world of Asgard going forward and even features some characters that haven’t been seen in the core book for sometime. Hercules, Angela and Beta Ray Bill are lying beneath the surface of this image. Here’s to Matt Wilson for coloring this monster image!

The inscription on Thor’s hammer has been changed via this cover with the text  reading before: Whosoever holds this hammer, if HE be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor. When Foster picked up the Hammer on the moon all that changed when an “S” was added to “HE.” IGN also compared this sweeping Olivier Coipel gatefold to the version drawn by Dauterman. It’s interesting to note the changes of the franchises by decade according to the cover like this, which helps Marvel fans decipher exactly which era the changes come from.


However, this picture also teases something else incredibly important that haven’t been seen in superhero comics: an ongoing plot thread taking a really slow burn. Featured on this cover are two characters that have stayed in this comic for several volumes and incarnations of Thor period, Dario Agger and Malekith. Author Jason Aaron and Dauterman have occasionally had to put their individual stories on hold to make way for some of the big and sweeping changes of the Thor mythology as of late, but it’s great know that the plotting will remain consistent in that fashion.

One of the other big talking points of the huge cover is Jane Foster as Thor. With her cancer getting worse when she becomes Thor, the character could drop dead at any moment. She refuses the magical medicine of Asgard and could potentially cut this story shorter than the conclusion was meant to be in the first place.

There’s also the question of what is happening with the Odinson himself. After the fallout of him learned the true identity of Foster, will he continue to be bitter and angry, or embrace his position in the Marvel Universe. The return of Surtur could also be played up to something on the level of the famous Walt Simonson story: “Ragnarok and Roll” which this Thor team hasn’t fully utilized yet.

The characters on the image include a Frost Giant, Odin, Dario Agger, Malekith, Dark Elves, Hercules, Angela, Roz Solomon, Lorelai, Beta Ray Bill, Thor, Jane Foster, Odinson, Surtur, Freyja, Baldur, Hela, Loki, The Warrior’s Three and a few other stragglers.


  1. Amazing stuff. Comic artwork in general has just improved in leaps and bounds over the past 15 years or so.

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