IDW is hiring a full editor to work in their groovy San Diego office. Previous experience required and no telecommuting. Here’s the job listing:

Editor, IDW Publishing

IDW Publishing is seeking an experienced Editor to support the Chief Creative Officer. This is a full-time position located in our San Diego, CA offices.

Essential job responsibilities include:

• Manage 6-8 comic-book titles per month. This includes management of all aspects of your titles’ development, including but not limited to:
o Developing story ideas and proposals with writers, hire creative team and work with team to ensure deadlines are consistently met
o Ensuring licensor or creator approval at all stages, including proposal, script, cover art, solicitation copy, b&w art, color art, and final lettered PDFs
o Manage all other tasks associated with producing titles that meet the approval of creators and licensors and preparing titles for printing
• Attend daily production meetings, weekly Editorial meetings and maintain constant status updates of all your projects for the Chief Creative Officer
• Develop and maintain positive working relationships with licensors, creators, retailers, press, and co-workers.
• Brainstorm with the Editorial group on new directions or creators for existing licensed books, new creator-owned titles, and potential new licenses to pursue
• Assist marketing dept. with development of press releases and marketing materials
• Maintain relationship with Diamond Distribution
o Prepare monthly comic-book solicitations and cover images for your titles
o Prepare quarterly book solicitations for your titles

Required Qualifications

• 4-5 years of experience working in an Editorial department

• Bachelor’s degree or comparable experience

• Eligible to work in IDW Publishing’s San Diego offices; no telecommuting option is available for this position.

• Excellent organizational, verbal, and written communication skills

• Strong knowledge of and interest in the comic-book industry

• Maintain strict monthly schedules on comic-book titles, including anticipating challenges and finding timely, relevant solutions

• Must be extremely detail-oriented, able to both line-edit and copy-edit

• Strong Mac skills, including Word, Excel, Keynote/PowerPoint, and Photoshop Elements

If interested, qualified candidates should send resumes and cover letters to “IDW Editorial Position” at [email protected] We will begin contacting qualified applicants in early July.


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