Tripwire, the UK pop culture magazine, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a book published by Heavy Metal Entertainment. 

The 200-plus-page paperback is due out December 13, priced at $40, and will be distributed by Simon & Schuster. The volume combines reprints and new content with a foreword by Image Comics’ Dirk Wood, classic interviews with Alan Moore, Frank Miller, and Mike Mignola, a new Fred The Clown comic strip by Roger Langridge, and new 30th anniversary themed feature stories. As well, there are art and pinups by Jock (Batman), Drew Struzan (Indiana Jones), Walter Simonson (Thor, Ragnarok), Bill Sienkiewicz (Moon Knight, Batman), Laurence Campbell (Hellboy), and many others.

Tripwire launched in 1992 as a fanzine, moving to a magazine format in 1997 and a website in 2015 before returning to print in 2020 with annual editions. The outlet covers movies, TV, comics, and other pop culture subjects. 

Tripwire 30th Anniversary
Cover designed by Kit Caoagas

“Tripwire hit a real milestone this year and we felt we had to commemorate it with something special,” said Joel Meadows, Editor-in-Chief. It’s “the ultimate celebration of three decades of Tripwire and thirty years of comics and pop culture seen through our unique journalistic prism.”

Added Heavy Metal Executive Editor Joseph Illidge, “Just as the seminal British Invasion of comics changed the medium, industry, and world at large forever through the talents of luminaries such as Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean, and Alan Moore, it was Tripwire magazine that charted the evolution of artistic and literary perspectives in comics and graphic novels through a unique lens. Through the ups and downs of comics journalism, Tripwire endures, and we are a better community for it.”

A number of luminaries congratulated the publication. 

“Tripwire has been for three decades the touchstone of comic book culture in the U.K and one of the leading periodicals dedicated to this narrative art form. Incisive, smart and always relevant.” – Academy Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro (The Shape Of Water, Pan’s Labyrinth)

Tripwire is research done right celebrating and investigating the love of comic books.” – writer/ artist Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley Quinn, Jonah Hex, Pop Kill, Paper Films)

Tripwire covers such a wide variety of topics in the world of news, entertainment, and the arts, and covers them so well, that it’s pretty much become my go-to source for what’s going on in the media. I know if Tripwire is covering a subject, it’s not only interesting, fun and informative, it’s also legit.” – artist Bill Sienkiewicz (New Mutants, Moon Knight, Elektra: Assassin)

“If you’re a media fan, Tripwire has you covered. With articles and reviews full of insight covering the entire range of pop culture, and interviews with folks like Howard Chaykin, the Prince of Comics, Tripwire dissects, analyzes, and reconstructs the world in which we all live.”– writer/artist Walter Simonson (Thor Ragnarok, Manhunter)

“A comics journalism institution hitting its third decade is an incredible thing. Applause.” – writer Kieron Gillen (Wicked + The Divine, Once & Future)

“We need Tripwire. We need serious magazines about this remarkable medium, that celebrate its practitioners and document its ancient yet fledgeling tropes. If the medium is to keep growing it must be taken seriously. Tripwire does that with heart.” – artist Liam Sharp (StarHenge, Green Lantern)

Tripwire is always well-researched and enthusiastic, by people who truly care about the importance of story. It’s analytical without losing heart.” – artist JH Williams III (Echolands, Promethea, Batwoman)

“In an industry and a world full of uncertainty, the constants that Tripwire offers in all its forms– great reporting, interesting information captivatingly presented, beautiful graphic design–are always a welcome thing. Joel Meadows and his team never fail to remind me why I love comics as much as I do, and why I feel the same about Tripwire, too.” – Creator and executive Chris Ryall (Syzygy Publishing, IDW)