A few things going on out there in nerd media land.


§ Tripwire Magazine has relaunched their website. Spo far mostly Mad Max, which is no problemn, but comics sstuff on there too. Editor Joel Meadows writes

“We have created a website that we can be proud of and now that we have found a format that works, we shall be updating it regularly with interviews, reviews, columns and more. We’ll also be including audio and video content, making the most of an interactive website,” editor-in-chief Joel Meadows said.

“We have also brought some new faces on board for the website too. Our webmaster Leonard Sultana from podcast An Englishman in SDCC is bringing his web savvy to Tripwire to make it the best experience it can be.”

After the beta period, Tripwire has already given its visitors unique content on Mad Max: Fury Road, columns from Mike (Girl with All The Gifts, The Unwritten) Carey and Jasper Bark.


§ My alma mater Comicon.com as new, as yet secret owners, and they’ve jettisoned all the old comments and message boards and the Pulse and the Beat and a ton of other history of the internet stuff. The links go to the Wayback Machine because nothing lasts forever in the cold November rain. Comicon.com launched back in the 90s run by Rick Veitch and Steve Conley and was a true pioneer of the comics website. But now it’s going to be something else, and I’m curious to see what they’ll use that admittedly awesome URL for. Farewell, Comicon.com

§ One of the biggest movie scoopers around, Umberto Gonzalez, has left Latino Review, and partnered with Daniel Alter to launch a transmedia site called Heroic Hollywood. It’s rare to see anyone striking out on their own like this nowadays—Latino Review was sold and El Mayimbe, as he’s known, couldn’t come to terms with them—but movie scoops might be the one area where it works. While the site is still nascent, Gonzalez has been tearing it up with DC and Marvel leaks on his Instagram account.

#Repost @heroichollywood ・・・ HEROIC HOLLYWOOD EXCLUSIVE! HOT #BatmanvSuperman promo art 2/2

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#Repost @heroichollywood ・・・ HEROIC HOLLYWOOD EXCLUSIVE! HOT #BatmanvSuperman promo art 1/2

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