The Deadpool movie opens on Valentine’s Day and I’d say the buzz is growing steadily. And now helping it along, a “12 Days of Deadpool” promotion with 12 new posters leading up to a new red-band trailer on Christmas Day. EW.com kicks things off with a classic homage to Tm Burton’s Batman and a classic gun-to-crotch shot. Yes, this is going to be a merry holiday.

Ryan Reynolds will portray the Merc with a mouth in the R-rated film which is coming out from Fox. Despite not being an MCU movie, Marvel has not consigned Wade Wilson to its publishing purgatory like the Fantastic Four and the diminished ranks of X-men. I guess the comic just sells too well.

Deadpool also releasewd his own comfy holiday greeting, which truly sums up the tradition and fellowship of the holiday season. Deadpool: bigger than Santa?