Do you want to hang out with Stan Lee?

Online that is.

Apparently at 3:30 PST this afternoon Stan will be “hanging out” at 1337LoungeLive, a “livestreaming geek, comic, and gaming hangout site.” How this will be accomplished is shown in the informational video below.

Is Stan Lee the only 92-year-old man that people still want to hang out with? At least online there is no danger of smelling the Stan Lee cologne.


  1. Just for the sake of being accurate, Stan Lee is not quite 91, let alone 92. He will turn 91 on December 28…so for now, he’s the most spry 90 year-old I know.

  2. Sorry I missed it! Stan is a creative genius and a true survivor. I’ve been checking out the latest Spidey cartoon recently, which gives Stan an exec producer nod. It does a pretty good job of distilling 40 plus years of storylines into a handful of episodes. I wonder how hands-on Stan was with the plotting and scripting. Anybody know?

  3. Mr Lee,
    My son Noah is 13 years old and is suffering from a rare disease.
    Since he was 9 years old he has been slowly going blind. Since this took his ability to play sports away…he has gotten into comics and action figues. He is also a HUGE fan of yours. The disease is progressive and he will continue to be sick. At the top of his bucket list is to meet you! He doesn’t just want to stand in line and get your autograph, he wants to chat with you. Please tell me how I can make this happen. This is all he wants for Christmas – for everything!
    Thanks You,
    Noah’s Mom..Paige Brockett
    for Noah Brockett

  4. Stan Lee live chat had to be one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever tried to do online. I love the guy, but that was a mess. Just wanted to ask a question, but anything close to a conversation amounted to just a bunch of people on couches, around Stan, talking over each other and trying to get Skype to work, while people in the forum kept posting things like “Stan’s the man!” and “Who’s your favorite superhero?” making it impossible for any questions to stay visible for more than 2 seconds. I had to log off, before I lost what’s left of my mind. Maybe, it would have worked better if it had just been Stan, but it was a whole room full of chatty people WITH Stan, and it just made it to difficult. I appreciate that they set something up, but that was the first and only time I ever take part in something like that.

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