Today sees the release from DC Comics of their latest 80th anniversary anthology special, this time focused on Green Arrow. It’s appropriate, then, that the publisher also chose today to announce the release date for their next middle-grade graphic novel, which will focus on a reimagined version of their emerald archer. Green Arrow: Stranded will come from the creative team of writer Brenden Deneen, artist Bell Hosalla, and letterer DC Hopkins of Andworld Design, and feature a teenaged version of Oliver Queen. The book will arrive in stores on March 1st, 2022.

Here’s how DC describes Green Arrow: Stranded:

Ollie has always hated the idea of hunting, but his dad insisted they go on this trip with his business partner, Sebastian, and his son, Tyler. When Ollie fails to take a perfect shot the teasing starts, and he wonders if his dad will ever be proud of him again.

But just when he thought their trip couldn’t get any worse, their private jet is struck by lightning and crash-lands on a deserted island. Ollie awakens to find his dad seriously injured and the other passengers nowhere in sight. If they hope to survive, he’s going to have to learn skills he’s avoided developing so far. Ollie has never felt less sure of who he is…or if he will be able to hang on until help arrives.

Going with a plane crash rather than a boating accident is a new wrinkle, as is having Ollie’s father survive, though the CW Arrow series flirted with that a little bit in their version of the character’s origin.

Green Arrow: Stranded is the first collaboration for Deneen and Hosalla, and both creators’ first work for DC Comics. The book was first announced last year, with an original release date of next month. The reason for the delay is unclear, though it seems likely the effects of the pandemic on comic publisher’s schedules are still being felt.

Check out an unlettered preview of Hosalla’s artwork for the graphic novel below. Green Arrow: Stranded is due out in stores on March 1st, 2022.