Graphite Comics, the recently-launched comics streaming and publishing platform, has added work from four new publishers to its service. Graphite announced today that select Dark Horse, Humanoids, Valiant, and Impact Theory titles will be made available to read, for free, on the company’s website and mobile app. Titles from the four publishers like Hellboy, The Incal, and Bloodshot join existing content from Dynamite, BOOM! Studios, IDW, and many others, as well as original content exclusive to the Graphite Comics platform.

In a statement on the addition of the new publishers, Graphite Comics CEO Michael Eng expressed his excitement over the expansion of the app’s content:

“We’re thrilled to welcome these amazing publishers to the Graphite family,” said Michael Eng, CEO and co-founder of Graphite Comics, Inc. “Our goal from day one has been to build the biggest and best digital home for the best content available in the comic book industry, and adding Dark Horse, Humanoids, Valiant and Impact Theory is a giant step forward in achieving our vision, to say the least.”
Graphite Comics currently hosts thousands of free-to-read comics, and allows creators to upload their own work to be hosted on the site and the app. The hosting for creator-owned work also includes revenue sharing for the creators, and supports multiple formats including traditional comics, web comics, and manga.
One of the most common arguments that seems to pop up in defense of illegal comics piracy is that comics are too expensive/people can’t afford them, but there are certainly legal, free alternatives out there. The sheer volume of work hosted by Graphite is impressive, and unlike other free digital platforms like Hoopla it doesn’t rely on a user’s library having an agreement with them.
Head over to the Graphite Comics website to check out the selection of what’s available, including the newly-added Dark Horse, Humanoids, Valiant, and Impact Theory titles.