If you’re like me and have been guilted to give someone more than just a homemade macaroni picture this holiday season, perhaps this Dark Knight III Batman Mini Statue will satisfy one of those on your list.

Having released in late September, the “DC Designer Series DKIII Batman by Andy Kubert Mini Statue” is based off the bestselling Dark Knight III: Master Race comic book series by Frank Miller. This is a miniature version of the 12-inch counterpart, standing at 7-inches respectively and limited to 5,000.

Design wise, it matches the bulky/blocky size of the DKIII character. Otherwise, that’s where the similarities end. The colors more-or-less resemble the greys and blacks used in that of the Batman: The Animated Series design. Even the pose of the statue, which is a cross between a determined glare and a bicep-flex, parallels more of the Bruce Timm crime fighter/detective than the older and grittier Frank Miller depiction.

The statue’s stand is nothing exciting, a simple black disk featuring a yellow Batman sigil on top, though underneath it does show the number designation from the limited 5,000 copied produced. The stand is detachable from the statue, but necessary to have the figure stand upright. I don’t know whether it was a flaw with the design or with my individual statue, but the one foot that is off the stand isn’t completely flush to surfaces. It doesn’t bother me, but to a discerning collector I can see where this would give them an OCD nightmare.

Overall, it’s a good-looking statue that would appease any casual Batman fan’s wish list for around $80. For the avid collector or Batman aficionado, there are other figurines in DC’s Black & White Collection that would assuredly satisfy them.