flake-Punk_lg.pngWe’ve never been stingy with praise of Emily Flake here. Her Lulu Eightball webcomic skewered millennial life before we never even knew what to call it and she carried her sharp, whimsical humor right over to the New Yorker, where her work has been flourishing for nearly a decade.

She outdid herself with this one though.

“Young and Dumb Inside” is about being a teen-aged fan of the band Jawbreaker. And seeing them after 20 years as an adult. It’s about everything you ever felt about being young and idealistic and believing a work of art or a creator was the only thing that had seen inside your secret heart. And it’s about how that feeling fades into the rearview mirror as we experience the life, love, and responsibility we once yearned for.  171204_flake-3.jpg

It’s a powerful piece of work that will leave very few dry eyes.




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